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'We are called to be a 'one another' people and to build a 'one another' community'

How can we reflect this in our community?

Prayer Requests


Got News?


If you read the prayer requests that I send, you’ll be aware of this part, the beginning. I don’t write them just for fun. I write them to let you know what God is putting on my heart lately. Sometimes I have something far earlier in the week that has been gnawing at me, like God has revealed something INCREDIBLE to me and I just can’t let it go! Other times, I can’t think of anything that God is laying on my heart until I quite literally put my fingers to the keyboard.  It’s like He’s asked me to do this and I simply need to be faithful to what He’s asked me to do and it’s in that moment that He opens my eyes to something of His character that I had never really noticed before.


This week, I have been realising something life changing. I have some news. The news I have isn’t “new” to some, but it’s still more amazing than anything else you will ever hear. Nothing will hold a candle to this. I’ve been called by God to bring you this news. I’ve been chosen to do what needs to be done in light of this News. And I’ve been anointed to live in the full truth of this NEWS. Sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it? What if I were to tell you that you were also called, chosen and anointed to let this news transform your life.


Here it is:  The Designer of all that exists, the Author of everything, HE LOVES YOU!!! He wants YOU, all who live, who have ever lived, to live a full, true life! So He sent a man to show us the life He made us for. The man wasn’t just any man, the Man embodied the Word that set the universe into motion. Everything IS because of Him. More than any of that, it ALL exists FOR Him! He is the Son of the Maker. When He came to us, He lived for us, and did this so that we would be able to Live the life that we were made to live. In living this life, we not only live well, but we are given access to live WITH THE MAKER, who also happens to be the Governor or Ruler over all things.


When the Son of the Ruler over all came, He told us that His purpose, His reason for living was to encourage, to free, to inspire, to heal and to save. To top it off, He came to tell us of His Father’s Love for us. More than that, He came to show us this Love and the Life we’re meant to live. But He didn’t just come for those who we would think He came for. I mean, you’d think you were already free, but what wrong ideas captivate you and keep you from being who you know you were made for? You’d think you’re fine, nothing’s wrong with you, but every one of us has done something that broke our ability for full and completely healthy relationships with others. You’d think you can see just fine, but there’s always going to be something you’re missing. And you feel fine in your accomplishments and successes, but we all live bankrupt without the crucial element of Life itself.


The Son came, but the very people He came for rejected Him and He

When we give our life back to the Ruler, He transforms our lives into the lives we were created for before we were born. When we live this life, giving our very being to Him, we take on all the things that the Son was sent to do.

The bottom line is this: We are ALL called to heal, to uplift and to free others. Beyond this, we are ALL called to love others. Why? Because God loved us first. In this, we find The Kingdom of God manifested in and through our lives! This is incredible news!!!


In old English, this was called the good story or the gōd-spell. This is God’s Story. This is the Good News. This is the Gospel.

1 John 4:19 We love because he first loved us.


...Called but not recommended...











Schools Work


This week, I’ll be in Frome College! Many of the kids I usually see will be in exams or preparing for them. If they’re not, they’ll be stressing about the exams they’re about to take or about the ones they’ve just finished. This isn’t a fun time for many of them for this particular reason. I’ll be leading a discussion in the CU about Joshua’s calling as the leader/general of Israel. Sounds pertinent in the face of exams! “Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified and do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go!”


Please pray:

•For the new group of 4 young people that I’ll be meeting with to mentor them. They each have unique challenges and I’m still in the introductory stages with them and I know that the situations in some of their lives are intensely frustrating and painful.

•For the Christian Union. I’ll be honest with you, It’s struggling. With some of the older group, religion is a joke. But they keep coming. With the younger ones, it’s a challenge getting them to show up.

•For me. Some of the above would be difficult even for the seasoned pro, which I really am not. but I know God will speak if I allow Him to take control of the situation. He’ll give me the appropriate wisdom if I offer my time over to Him.










Town Missions Work, Hope Frome


Hope 2018 was just relaunched in Mells Last Sunday! It was a fun event showcasing the Laughing Jesus exhibit. A representative from Hope UK was there to interview existing and past members of the Hope team to bring back to the national charity’s headquarters.


We were encouraged by recent requests for Hope Frome to join other activities across the town! This now underlines a need for volunteers: people who not only want to take part, but also to offer technical assistance (transport, set-up, clean-up, facilitation). If you have a heart for what God has made you to do, Please get in contact with me or Gary Lee.


Please pray:

•For the ministry of Hope Frome and the ministries that are expanding into the nearby villages! God, Build Your Kingdom in our hearts! Build Your Kingdom in our towns!

•That God would send people who have a heart to see lives transformed for God’s glory!


That brings me to LIVE LOUNGE Frome will be TONIGHT at Costa! 7-9pm! Featuring BACK BEFORE BREAKFAST! BBB are a local group who take the Folk genre and shake it up a bit, adding their own flare. As they write their own songs, you’ll never get the standard Radio 2 music lineup!  I’ve never seen them play, but am really looking forward to seeing them in action!

Live Lounge is a “platform” event. This is a platform where you can let God use YOU to reach others. This is also a platform for you to connect with friends, relatives and neighbours, inviting them along to enjoy a shared experience together! Don’t let opportunities like this go by! Live Lounge is a multi-church project, under the HOPE Frome banner. The point is to create a friendly, non threatening/non confrontational, safe environment for families, young and old to enjoy music events once a month. A testimony, or a story of God’s Hope revealed in someone’s life is told about half way through.  This is also a situation where we NEED YOU! We need someone (or some2) who can help facilitate, doing setup or transport before and after, or running the sound desk throughout the event. We also need everyone who feels God’s leading in this way, to Sponsor Live Lounge. If you’re a member of a church nearby, bring members of your church along and see if it’s something your church would want to partner with.


Please pray:

•For Everything to run smoothly on the night.

•For enough people to come through the door and buy drinks! Costa only allows us to do these events if enough people show up over the 2 hour span. (about 50 paying customers).

•For God to be glorified throughout these events.













Church Youth Work


This week, Sunday Cafe is on! We’ll be continuing our look at different heroes from the Bible and how God used them to establish a story that would ultimately lead to the Messiah!

Our little group is shifting and changing it’s dynamic this year. I think it’s totally a God thing. My biggest hope is that God is being glorified in these kid’s lives!


Please pray

•For Each one of the young people that come to bring a friend or multiple friends along.

•That their hearts would be eagerly open to the Hope we have in Jesus Christ!

•That us leaders would be open, ready, and willing vessels of God’s love.

•That the kids would be receptively open to the discussions and want to participate in games and social times.

•For healthy integration and appreciation between the new group and the older group.

•That God would build His Kingdom in our hearts as we minister to these kids!


Youth Leader

- Holy Trinity Church in Frome (Sunday Cafe)

- Frome Area Christians Together (FACT)


email bryce.tangvald@gmail.com

blog http://silentplanetphilosopher.blogspot.com

tel 07730-589559

A photograph taken by Christian photographer Reggie Haslett - Copyright 2013

Birds Carol

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One another...

Food produce, church harvest festivals and Fair Frome


FACT has circulated all the churches encouraging them to direct (non perishable!) produce gifts towards Fair Frome, our local "food bank".  Teams work in the storage unit sorting and packing food three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and it would be fantastic if the food can be delivered on these days.  However, collection can be arranged if it is difficult to organise deliveries.  Either way it would be very helpful for them to know in advance when deliveries are likely if at all possible.


The Food Bank would be happy to receive donations of food - there is currently a need for:


Tinned Snacks, (eg ravioli/spag bol/ beans & sausages)

Pasta Snacks, Rice Snacks, Pot Noodles,

Squash/ Juice,


Tinned Tomatoes

Long life milk.


Please see a poster for more details and a list of the items Fair Frome is regularly in need of, by clicking on the grey button to the right.                                                                                                          


Fair Frome Food Bank Poster Fair Frome logo

Christian Comment Frome Standard 19 April 2018


Next Wednesday is the feast of St Mark, Evangelist and Martyr. St Mark’s is the shortest of the four Gospels and although the earliest records identify St Matthew’s as the first Gospel to be written many modern scholars speculate that St Mark’s was, in fact, the earliest.


Whether or not that speculation is correct, there is no good reason to reject the very early tradition, recorded by Bishop Papias at the start of the second century, that St Mark, in setting down the words and actions of our Lord recorded what he was told by St Peter, or that the evangelist ‘Mark’ is to be identified with that ‘John Mark’ who, the Book of the Acts of the Apostles records, accompanied St Paul on his first missionary journey. On that journey Mark let down St Paul by leaving him at Pamphylia to return to Jerusalem so that St Paul refused to take Mark with him when he departed on his second missionary journey. For those of us who do not always make the correct decision, it is encouraging that St Mark seems to have redeemed himself later, for St Paul’s letters refer to St Mark being with him at Rome.


St Mark’s Gospel is very spare, omitting the much loved tales of Christ’s nativity, advancing its story at a decided lick and yet including telling details selected, it seems, as evidence that Christ was the long awaited Messiah and the Son of God.


In an age which is uncomfortable with recognising anything outside Nature, St Mark reminds us that Christ was both natural and supernatural, both human and divine. That St Mark’s Gospel is securely based in the first hand experiences of St Peter in recording the life of Christ recalls our age, which uses the Gospels as material for its own fanciful constructions of alternative histories, to the simple truth of the Gospel events.


On Wednesday we shall recite the collect for the feast of St Mark, written by Archbishop Cranmer for the First Book of Common Prayer of 1549, which reminds us that St Mark’s Gospel was inspired by the Holy Ghost in order that we might know God’s truth:


O ALMIGHTY God, who hast instructed thy holy Church with the heavenly doctrine of thy Evangelist Saint Mark: Give us grace, that, being not like children carried away with every blast of vain doctrine, we may be established in the truth of thy holy Gospel; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Simon McKie


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