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'We are called to be a 'one another' people and to build a 'one another' community'

How can we reflect this in our community?

Prayer Requests


Pray for Youthwork in Frome




It's that's time of year again! I know, it seems to have passed by in a matter of weeks, not years this time. It always surprises me how quickly it goes by and i always feel like I've not got much to show for it.


Have i got you wondering what I'm talking about? I'll bet you're thinking, “It's not even Chinese New Year, Bryce.” And I'm questioning my sanity too. I usually come to my computer with at least a little preparation beforehand, but today isn't one of those days.


This is the beginning of the year 5778 and we are now in the month of Tishrei! Still questioning my sanity? Ok, I'll fill you in. A few weeks ago, Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year was celebrated. It's Biblical name was Yom Teruah, which means “day of blasting”. This is in reference to the tradition of blowing shofar horns a total of one hundred times throughout the day (i can just imagine this day in Jerusalem was like being at the Football World Cup several years ago when all you could hear throughout the commentaries was South African football fans blowing their vuvuzelas. Very noisy.)


Even though this is an important Jewish holiday, it's not considered the most important. It begins the week long time of repentance from wrongs done to God, preparing for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.


There are various things the Bible tells us to do in order to be prepared for The Lord to look upon us and accept our atoning sacrifice. I won't go into these things because I'm not fully aware of them. But i still think these things are absolutely fascinating!


I have a few thoughts on this.


What would you do if you had to make things right between you and our Maker? Would you be willing to take a week to dedicate to sacrifice, repentance, confession, etc in order to be presentable? If not, what would it take?

If you read through the Biblical regulations and rules for these particular holidays, you should notice something. There's often a trend when into them to prophesy the purpose of The Messiah’s role, here on the earth. One of these was to sacrifice one of 2 goats to take the death penalty for the sins of the people, then soak a white cord in this goat's blood, signifying sin, and wrap the cord around the horns of the second goat and send it off into the wilderness. The goat would later return, but incredibly, the cord would be washed of all the blood and would be white again.


Does that sound at all familiar? (Leviticus 16, Isaiah 53:6, John 1:29)


Once all preparations have been made, Yom Kippur begins. This is considered the holiest of the Holy Days that are observed throughout the year.


I love this sense of being prepared though. It's like the story of the 10 virgin's waiting for the bridegroom to come. 5 were ready, prepared, with their lamps, 5 were not. God, in His intense love for us has made a way for us to be in relationship with Him, regardless of our wrong doing. But do you think that excuses us from making the effort to make right the problems of our past live our lives for Him from here on out? Not until He excuses me from this with His mouth it doesn't.


What about others? The Bible says that, one day EVERY knee will now before the Lord Almighty. One day, the history of our lives will be laid out before the Father and He will pick it to pieces.


My thoughts fail me here as my story begins to break down. We will be judged, our actions, motives and faithfulness will be observed for their merits. While we will never, in our own might, be worthy to be in the presence of the Almighty, a way has been made. A verdict will be announced over us: Worthy is the Lamb who was slain. His shed Blood covers the sins of the world and it's by His Blood that we are made clean in the sight of God. It is by Him that we can enter into relationship with the Father!


Here is a beautiful song by an American Hasidic Jew, named MatisYahu (Matthew) who often sings prophetically. I cried the first time i heard this song. It's the promise of the Hope we have in our relationship with God. We have this Hope through the preparation that The Father has done for us through His Son.


Enjoy: MatisYahu: One Day






Thank you for continuing to pray for me and all those who God leads into mission in this town. It helps!


Schools work


Every Friday, I go into one of two schools, Frome College or Selwood Academy, to mentor young people and facilitate/lead the Christian Union groups there.


This week, I'll be at Selwood


Please pray:


For inspiration for the ongoing “Fruits of the Spirit” series I'm leading again this year.

For God to speak through me into the hearts of the young people I meet art the CU as well as while mentoring.

Pray for the ears of these kids to be opened and that they would be settled enough that they listen and participate with the CU. Pray that the kids i mentor would be blessed and uplifted in our meetings.


Church Youth Work


This week, Sunday Café is ON, but only for one more week before half term break week.


We're continuing our Labels series for another couple of weeks, beyond half term, as we feel it is valuable for them to hear it.


Please pray:


For the young people, that they would be willing and attentive throughout the night, that they would be eager and listening throughout the discussion.

Pray for the leadership team, that God would speak through each of us when we're in that place.

Pray for opportunities for rest. This can be taxing sometimes. I have a tendency to forget to stop to take a breath sometimes.


Town Mission


The HOPE Frome team is out with the Coffee van in Town again this Friday, following the kickoff of the 24-7 Prayer event throughout the weekend at Holy Trinity Church. This can often present unique opportunities to share the Gospel with others.


Please pray:


For the volunteers at the van. That God would give them words and wisdom to speak Hope into the lives of those who visit.

For the prayer event, that people would draw close to God throughout their intercessions. That God would begin to move in power on all the requests offered to Him.Please pray about how God wants you to support this simple but effective town ministry.

We need to address our van. The current one has been perfect for what we’ve needed it for, but it’s in need of serious repair.  Alternatively, we could do with the donation of a camper van that would work as a mobile lounge.

Pray for inspiration for how we, as the Body of Christ, can minister more effectively in and around Frome.


Thank you so much for your continued prayer.  I know that God works through you every time you pray. The times I forget to pray are noticeably dire. The times I remember to pray and to include you in on the prayer requests are noticeably fantastic. God knows our hearts. Pray that we would have a heart for Him and that He would draw others to Him through our lives.






Bryce Tangvald


Youth Leader

- Holy Trinity Church in Frome (Sunday Cafe)

- Frome Area Christians Together (FACT)


email bryce.tangvald@gmail.com

blog http://silentplanetphilosopher.blogspot.com

tel 07730-589559

A photograph taken by Christian photographer Reggie Haslett - Copyright 2013

Birds Carol

Download the "one another" verses booklet by clicking on this link button                                                              

One another...

Food produce, church harvest festivals and Fair Frome


FACT has circulated all the churches encouraging them to direct (non perishable!) produce gifts towards Fair Frome, our local "food bank".  Teams work in the storage unit sorting and packing food three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and it would be fantastic if the food can be delivered on these days.  However, collection can be arranged if it is difficult to organise deliveries.  Either way it would be very helpful for them to know in advance when deliveries are likely if at all possible.


The Food Bank would be happy to receive donations of food - there is currently a need for:


Tinned Snacks, (eg ravioli/spag bol/ beans & sausages)

Pasta Snacks, Rice Snacks, Pot Noodles,

Squash/ Juice,


Tinned Tomatoes

Long life milk.


Please see a poster for more details and a list of the items Fair Frome is regularly in need of, by clicking on the grey button to the right.                                                                                                          


Fair Frome Food Bank Poster Fair Frome logo

Please click on this link button to read or download a letter to the church as a whole from Rev Simon Ponsonby                                                          

Simon's Letter to the Church

Christian Comment - 28th September 2017


Autumn is the season of Harvest Thanksgiving


The rain it raineth every day, upon the just and unjust fellow. But more upon the just, because the unjust has the just’s umbrella.  Anon


This verse is said to have been inspired by something Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount about our heavenly Father’s generosity:   “For he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” We all know that sunshine and rain in due season and the right amount are vital to a good harvest in the autumn.  Jesus’ words assure us that both elements are a part of God’s basic blessings for everyone, and, deep within us we know that we should respond to Him with gratitude.


Today in the West, we have become insulated from the many risks of agriculture, as our supermarkets are able to stock their shelves from all over the world.  We are not as exposed to local crop failures as we once were.  It is easy to forget God’s bounty and not bother to thank Him.   But how secure is that supply chain?


In his teaching, Jesus makes clear that our heavenly Father is concerned about every aspect of our daily lives not just our spiritual well being.  When he called Peter and his brother, Andrew, to follow him he blessed their toil as fishermen with a record catch.  Jesus fed the hungry crowd that followed him into the hills.  He taught us to ask our heavenly Father for our daily bread.  He told us not to be anxious about our physical needs, and promises that, if we will make God’s kingdom our priority, our heavenly Father will supply those needs.  


In linking our attending to God’s business with the fullness of his blessings,  Jesus reflects what Moses had taught long before – God’s full blessings come to those who honour God,  listen to Him and do His bidding.    God does not change.  So as we ponder on the wonders of seedtime, growth and harvest not only here at home but all around the world , let us recognise that for all our knowledge, there are things we cannot control.    We are ultimately dependant on God’s bounty.   Harvest Thanksgiving is a time to recognise that and give him thanks.  


Edmund Phillimore, Reader, Beckington Group of Churches


A word for Frome to start 2017


Graham Owen is shortly to be installed as Rural Dean for the Frome area, following Colin Alsbury’s tenure of office for over six years. At the first midweek service in 2017 to be held at Trinity Church, Graham delivered the following sermon. It serves as a very apt ‘word’ for the whole Body of Christ in Frome and I hope it will encourage us to pray for Graham as he takes up his new role among us.  


John Samways (Chair, FACT)                        

G Owen January 2017