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'We are called to be a 'one another' people and to build a 'one another' community'

How can we reflect this in our community?

Prayer Requests


Pray for Youthwork in Frome


The Bottom Line


I’m not giving myself long to type today, so I’ll get straight to the point. I love the opportunity to share with you a little of where God is leading me week by week. There is, however, a reason. I do what I do because I’m a son of The King of all kings. If you know Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, one and the same as the Great I AM, then you are also adopted as a child of the King.


When I write, it’s to communicate an aspect of His character, to provoke or challenge you, to inspire you.  When you step out your door, I hope that one of the things I’ve written doesn’t leave you quickly, that it carries your mind, your heart, into a new perspective of the world and those living on it. When you interact with these earthly residents, how are you sharing one of God’s inherited characteristics? When you go about your personal, daily life, doing things that you think nobody is watching you do, how are you communicating the Good News of the Way to True Life simply by your actions?


I know, the clever ones among us will say that we aren’t saved by our actions. True, but in my opinion, “faith” is a verb, a “doing” word. I don’t do things so I can be saved, but I do things because I’m saved. They’ll also say that many of these things, these mind-sets and actions, we are prompted to do by the Spirit. Very true! Are you moving in the Spirit’s prompting today?


Now, I’ve seen the community I currently live in from a unique perspective, from the eyes of a foreigner.  I don’t always know the history or cultural nuances that are the foundation for various things, but I do see the culture as it is now.  What I see is a large percentage of people who are frustrated, depressed, dysfunctional and have never been personally “challenged” or inherited authority to achieve anything meaningful (I include my native home in this too). Many of these people have heard of various aspects of Christian tradition, they may have even been to some services. But is the purpose of Christ reaching them? Are we going out of our way to comfort those who are broken hearted, to set people free from where they are held in bondage? Are we directing those who are blinded in lies to see the truth? Are we seeing people being physically, mentally, or emotionally healed because of the power of the Spirit moving through us?  If we are honest with ourselves, what is the answer to these questions?


Let’s do something about this. I am here to tell you that NOW is the time for us, as the people of God, to move out of our place of comfort and into a place of action! We all have gifts, given by the Spirit, of all sorts and at whatever time and of whatever sort that the Spirit sees fit.  We need to test our giftings once in awhile and I’m asking you to make now the time you give your gift a little test drive!


Our town needs to know the Risen Saviour. We can’t wait to tell them about Him until they come into our stone buildings. We must be living the Good News outside of those places! If you don’t spend much time in public outside of church friends or church activities, I challenge you to go out of your way to make space for non-Christian interaction.  This might be where you begin to regularly offer someone a cup of tea and a chat, or you decide to walk your dog in a more social area rather than the back fields. Maybe you begin going to a weekly club or take up a sport.  Put yourself out there! If the Spirit of the Living God resides in you, then you are like a stick of dynamite with the potential for the power of the Light of the world to shine from you through your actions.


We can’t sit on our laurels any longer. If you can’t do something for whatever reason, then do something else! If you feel challenged (like a runner at the starting line) then help facilitate a group that you believe God is working through, support a local missionary or mission group financially, offer to sponsor certain aspects of an event, BE BOLD and pray for someone in person when you see them next (it’s encouraging for the person praying and the person being prayed for!).


Bottom line: Don’t hide behind culture, habits, busy-ness. The world needs God to be known as King. We are the heirs to His Throne. He’s given us this charge: Go into your town, wherever you live, and live out the Good News of Jesus’ Salvation and Resurrection  to every generation, social group and those who see things different from you!


That’s your challenge. Will you accept it?


Schools Work


I’m at Frome College this week! I mentor kids and lead a Christian Union at either Selwood Academy or Frome College biweekly.  This is an incredible blessing to be allowed to speak into these kids lives!


Please Pray:


That God would be made known through me and the other Christians, young or old, in these schools!

That I would be inspired in my leadership and would be able to bring a new, fresh understanding of what it is to be a person of faith! That God would prime the hearts and minds of these young kids. That their blind eyes would be opened to the realities of their lives and the Hope that can only be found in Jesus!


Youth Work


This week, Sunday Cafe is ON! For those who don’t yet know, Sunday Cafe is a free, Christian Youth group for young people who are College age (typically 13-18). It is not meant to serve only one of Frome’s churches, but to be a youth group for all the area churches. If you know or are related to a teenager who you think might benefit from attending a group like this, please send them along. If you are a church leader and you are struggling to find a way to serve the young people in your church family or congregation, again, please send them along!  We want to be a blessing for all the churches in the area, not just Trinity.


Please Pray:


For Wisdom and inspiration in the 5 leaders of Sunday Cafe.

For maturity, growth, and desire to learn from the young people that currently attend.

For new young people to begin to show an interest and to feel comfortable enough to begin calling SC “their own”.


Missions Work





This month, we are hosting an incredibly talented musician from the east side of the country, Navina!


Live Lounge is a platform opportunity for us to chat with those we’ve never met before, to listen to some quality new music and hear some inspirational stories from people’s own experiences.  Please, Bring someone along to this event! This is the last Live Lounge for 2017 and possibly the last one ever, so make an effort to make it to this one event or you’ll lose your chance. The intended age range is 10-100, and we’ve had youngsters as young as 4 and not-so-youngsters in their 70’s. So, whatever age you may be, you are the intended audience!


Please Pray:


For God to lead all those that He wants to be there.

For there to be beyond enough physical support and financial support for this particular event. (It’s pretty tight).

For us, the leaders, to be good stewards of the freedom God has given us in organising this event!


I said I’d be brief, but this is as long as ever. Sorry about that!


Bryce Tangvald


Youth Leader

- Holy Trinity Church in Frome (Sunday Cafe)

- Frome Area Christians Together (FACT)


email bryce.tangvald@gmail.com

blog http://silentplanetphilosopher.blogspot.com

tel 07730-589559

A photograph taken by Christian photographer Reggie Haslett - Copyright 2013

Birds Carol

Download the "one another" verses booklet by clicking on this link button                                                              

One another...

Food produce, church harvest festivals and Fair Frome


FACT has circulated all the churches encouraging them to direct (non perishable!) produce gifts towards Fair Frome, our local "food bank".  Teams work in the storage unit sorting and packing food three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and it would be fantastic if the food can be delivered on these days.  However, collection can be arranged if it is difficult to organise deliveries.  Either way it would be very helpful for them to know in advance when deliveries are likely if at all possible.


The Food Bank would be happy to receive donations of food - there is currently a need for:


Tinned Snacks, (eg ravioli/spag bol/ beans & sausages)

Pasta Snacks, Rice Snacks, Pot Noodles,

Squash/ Juice,


Tinned Tomatoes

Long life milk.


Please see a poster for more details and a list of the items Fair Frome is regularly in need of, by clicking on the grey button to the right.                                                                                                          


Fair Frome Food Bank Poster Fair Frome logo

Please click on this link button to read or download a letter to the church as a whole from Rev Simon Ponsonby                                                          

Simon's Letter to the Church

Christian Comment - 26th October 2017


We went to a baptism today. A family friend welcoming their great-grandchild into the church. A happy occasion with hymns celebrating the occasion bringing family and friends closer together. But the theme of the Minister’s talk built on the baptism theme to challenge us to think about growing up. About how we change, how our attitudes change, how our beliefs change.


We were asked to think about growing in our faith. The ‘baby’ Christian wants to be spoon-fed. When we are hungry, feed us. When we are agitated, calm us. Of course, we were all babies once, dependant on others to meet our needs. But as we grow we become more independent, more questioning, more challenging. We become our own, unique selves.


Yet for some, their faith doesn’t grow along with their personalities and characters. We still want to be spoon-fed. If we pray hard enough, God will make it alright. It’s challenging when we realise that life isn’t like that, and our relationship with God isn’t like that. Difficulties still exist – war, illness, loneliness – and however hard we pray God doesn’t fix it. So what is religion for?


Religion (any religion) can help us find our faith, and it is our faith which gives us the means to navigate our lives – a moral framework, ways to reach out to others for help, the means to sense what others need from us, the curiosity to ask and learn and grow. Baptism is just the start of a journey and we should never forget that God has given us this magical, amazing journey we call life. Faith doesn’t create limits and say “you can’t”; faith says that “you can”!


Richard Brooks





A word for Frome to start 2017


Graham Owen is shortly to be installed as Rural Dean for the Frome area, following Colin Alsbury’s tenure of office for over six years. At the first midweek service in 2017 to be held at Trinity Church, Graham delivered the following sermon. It serves as a very apt ‘word’ for the whole Body of Christ in Frome and I hope it will encourage us to pray for Graham as he takes up his new role among us.  


John Samways (Chair, FACT)                        

G Owen January 2017

A word from the most recent Men's Curry Night - to ponder, consider and pray about...


There’s a difference in the wind

The seasons are on the verge of change

Prepare your heart for adjustment

For there’s a shift coming in the atmosphere

Now is the time to be a carrier of hope and joy

As the world sinks into fear and hopelessness

The people are looking for a firm foundation

The sure rock that can only be found in Jesus

The church will become the answer to the questions

The solution to the long-standing puzzles of the heart

The Word of God will be become a refuge to many

As the Bride of Christ arises in the nation

Britain will be saved

Every knee will bow

Every tongue confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord

Take your time now to hear His voice again

As the winds of change blow through the nation

Arise and shine to be Kingdom catalysts

An army working out of a heart of worship

Awake! Awake! For now is the time!

Don’t wait for the change to happen. Be the change!

It’s a time to be strong and courageous!

His Kingdom here on earth, as it is in heaven